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Bodyguards 4 Hire operatives are specifically trained for protective operations in corporate, high threat as well as civilian/urban environments. Our unique strategy has three components: threat assessment, crime deterrence and protections planning.

True protection is about risk analysis and careful preparation. Criminals watch and plan their attacks. Our approach focuses on understanding our clients, learning their daily routines and transforming predictable patterns to include unpredictable practices and security measures which maximizes safety and minimizes risk.

When properly executed, reaction rarely becomes necessary. The protectors, not the bad guys, dictate the course of events. Operators assigned to these details are highly qualified members of the law enforcement, executive protections, asset security, investigations, and fire service fields to offer our clients well rounded protections services that fits their individual needs. Each of these specialties offer unique benefits. 


Bodyguards 4 Hire offers a full array of services to best meet your protections needs. If you are interested in a specific service, click here to get started.

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