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BODYGUARDS 4 HIRE: 100 Rules for the New Bodyguard - Part 1

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From the Co-Founder and Director of BODYGUARDS DETROIT and BODYGUARDS4HIRE.COM comes BODYGUARDS 4 HIRE: 100 Rules for the New Bodyguard - Part 1. This two part series provides those who are looking to enter the field of executive and celebrity protections with an inside view of the industry and the basic rules that you will need to learn to be an effective bodyguard. Written by a recognized expert, this is a must read for anyone interested in beginning or advancing into a career in private protections. It contains easy to follow examples, practical advice based on experience, and a user-friendly workbook style format that allows you to put what you learn immediately to action. 


    Book will be ready for release on July 1, 2019.


    Big Mark the Bodyguard, Mark Phillips is a protections expert with over 20 years' experience in law enforcement, special investigations, fire service, and celebrity protections. Beginning his career with a U.S. Federal Agency, Big Mark acquired skills and expertise in a number of fields to include full border operations, security fire and safety operations, corporate security, private investigations, bail fugitive investigations, covert and counter surviellance, threat management, firefighting, fire investigations, private law enforcement, and an appointment to Special Investigator probing political corruption and election fraud.  


    Mark co-founded BODYGUARDS DETROIT in 2010 which was met with great success. In 2014, BODYGUARDS DETROIT expanded its reach with the creation of BODYGUARDS4HIRE.COM (B4H). B4H is a highly recognized international network for our protections specialists  worldwide. B4H also serves as a reliable channel for those seeking personal bodyguards, security consultants, concert tour protections, and specialized teams. B4H clients include Ultra High Net Worth individuals, Fortune 500 companies, infrastructure organizations, celebrities, professional athletes, actors, corporate executives and civilians under threat. Big Mark and his wife have been featured by local, national and international media to include The Detroit News and Free Press, NBC, ABC, Clear Channel, and iHeartRadio.


    Mark's vision is the driving force behind Bodyguard 4 Hire's success. Well known in executive protections circles, Big Mark has been recently ranked #1 amongst similiar professionals, as well as being ranked among the top bodyguard globally. At the time this book was written, B4H was ranked the #1 bodyguard service in the United States by leading search engines. 


    Big Mark has poured into this book his 20+ years' of experience, wonderful stories, applied and proven strategies, as well as practical advice that will equip you on your journey to become a protections professional with a realistic view of the bodyguard industry. 

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